Happy Independence Day


 © David Perezcassar

“I  love my country- by which I mean I am indebted joyfully to all the people throughout its history who have fought the government to make right.”



I first heard these words when I was 14 and for some odd reason, listening to Ani DiFranco. The fourth of July is a hollow holiday about debauchery, grilling, and fireworks. Yes, these things are cool. No- none of them are symbols of independence. I can (and do) enjoy fireworks and hooch any day of the week. I can also enjoy these things in any damn country. Hell- the fireworks are better and cheaper across the border!



You know who can’t enjoy these things? Our country’s greatest patriots. Men like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.



This independence day, when you’re thowing back a cold one don’t forget to think about what our world would be like without patrtiots like these. Without our Daniel Ellsbergs and Thomas Drakes.



Better yet, get involved.

Help Manning
Help Snowden

Happy Independence Day.