The Plebe’s Battle Cry



Lately I’ve been asking people what their relationship to sleep is like. I think our relationship with sleep says a lot about who we are & what we value. Most of the responses I got from folk┬ásuggests that unsurprisingly, we love it but don’t get enough of it. We constantly deny ourselves the most┬ábasic pleasure.


In response, I’ve become shamelessly overindulgent. I’ve shed all guilt that surrounds sleeping in. We all agree that sleep is good for you, yet there’s this understanding that it’s only good for you during certain hours. I say fuck that. Get it when you can, get as much of it as you want & remember that if you get out of bed before you’re ready, you’re not listening to your body & you’re (probably) putting someone else’s needs before your own. My battle cry before work used to be “five more minutes…” these days it’s “Yipee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker!”

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